Full clearance service for stage productions including with liaison with collection societies, record companies and publishers to ensure that you have exactly what you need for your productions.  



I've worked with the producers of Live From Abbey Road (all 5 series and ongoing work), Red Bull Launched, Metropolis Studios and Future Sounds and I provide a comprehensive service including:


Liaising with record companies and artist management to ensure all required rights are in place before sessions. 

Setting up publishing clearances and working with the PRS with whom I can work to get the best arrangement for you

Preparing all paperwork for artists, session musicians and other contributors

Working with you to provide the best possible support to ensure your series is successful.




Comprehensive rights research and clearance in all media.  I have worked on a variety of projects including documentaries, television series, promo videos, EPKs, exercise videos and am able to clear content, find footage or music efficiently and creatively. I can research and cost music content,  liaise with record companies, publishers and other rightsholders to obtain clearance and provide effective rights management.



Working to your brief clearing content for adverts, EPKs, films and fitness videos - suggesting music to fit your brief or working to clear the music you have in mind.




Whether you are a large multi national needing an extra pair of hands for a major project or a small company needing help and advice, I provide a comprehensive service providing clearances in all media for all content, research, negotiations on behalf of producers and general advice.  A good service at a competitive rate and perfect for those projects where a formal arrangment with a lawyer would be a sledgehammer to crack a nut